2021 – PRESENT  |  Founder & Design Director, In’Sight Lighting Design
In’Sight is an international lighting studio with a team of designers a various different backgrounds, ranging from architecture to product design, and who share a passion for lighting. The studio’s goal is to positively contribute to the experience of spaces and lighting, with the purpose of making them memorable, a meaningful application of light that enriches the way architecture is seen, felt, and experienced by people.

2010 – PRESENT  |  Co-Founder, The Dark Art
The Dark art is a movement that explores the relationship between darkness and light within the context of architectural lighting design. The aim is to create a lighting design philosophy that promotes a balanced view of darkness to enhance creative freedom whilst incorporating rational standardization.

2017  – 2021 |  Associate, The Flaming Beacon
The Flaming Beacon is a leading international lighting design practice with a vast portfolio of high-end boutique projects in hospitality and tourism. TFB is currently active in a wide range of international developments for the world’s leading and most pioneering hotels, resorts and retail projects.

2019  – 2020 |  Membership Committee, IALD
The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) is an internationally recognized organization dedicated solely to the concerns of independent, professional lighting designers. The IALD strives to set the global standard for lighting design excellence by promoting the advancement and recognition of professional lighting designers.

2016  |  Founder, PR Lighting Design
In 2016, Philip moved to Berlin, Germany to adventure as an independent lighting designer. A great experience that introduced him to The Flaming Beacon.

2012 – 2016  |  Associate Director, Studio Illumine
As Associate Director, Philip was creative lead designer on the projects he was involved in. He also focused an important portion of his time to the business development of Studio Illumine including building new and maintaining client relations, marketing, bidding for new projects, and strategical development.

2013 – 2014  |  Director For Sustainability, Professional Lighting Designers Association (PLDA)
The aim of Philip’s directorship was to engage in activities that created awareness towards the importance of social and human needs within the Sustainability framework. In this role, he facilitated knowledge exchange between fellow PLDA members and the lighting community on more sustainable practices in its various forms. He cooperated with fellow directors to bring a more holistic understanding of Sustainability into all PLDA activities, with priority on Education and Standardization.

2008 – 2012  |  Senior Lighting Designer, BDP – Building Design Partnership
Senior Lighting Designer, Lighting Master Planner and Daylight Designer with full design responsibilities from design conception, detail and specification to project completion. In this role, Philip was also responsible for LEED and BREEAM assessments for all credits relevant to lighting design.

2006 – 2008  |  Lighting Designer, DONKER – Light, Glass & Technology
Lighting designer for public sector, retail and high-end residential projects.

2004 – 2006  |  Lighting Designer, Products of Imagination
Lighting designer for public sector, retail, hospitality, entertainment and high-end residential projects.


2018 | 40 under 40 Award, Lighting Design Awards, London UK
The 40under40 award is an international programme to identify the most talented and promising individuals working in the lighting design industry. 40 lighting designers under the age of 40 are selected from across the globe. The designers received their trophies before keynote speaker architect James Carpenter at the prestigious Lighting Design Awards ceremony on Thursday 3rd May 2018 at the Hilton Park Lane in London, UK.

2017 | Darc Awards 2nd Place, Category Best Exterior High Budget, London UK
The Darc Awards is a unique awards concept utilising mondo*arc and Darc magazines’ reputation as being the most widely read and respected lighting design publications in the world. The award is attributed to the winning project following a public vote by the lighting community.

2017 | Winner – Best Exterior Lighting Design, CIES, Beijing, China
The CIES – Chinese Illuminating Engineering Society recognises with this award the outstanding contribution of CHJ Kehui to Chinese lighting design

2011 | PLDR shortlist, Category Best New Comer, PLDC, Copenhagen, Denmark
The PLDR Award recognizes those individuals, practices, institutions or industry partners who have contributed most in their work, actions and deeds to the advancement of Architectural Lighting Design as a recognized profession.

2005 | Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée, National Representative in Product Design Category, BCJEM, Naples, Italy
The aim of the Association is to create opportunities for the young artists to produce and showcase their works and to support their mobility and learning process.

2003 | Young Designer Award – Product Design, Centro Portugues de Design Sines, Portugal
Award attributed to the best design students of Portugal.


2015 | Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Peoples Republic of China

2014 | Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Peoples Republic of China

2013 | Tsinghua University, Beijing, Peoples Republic of China

2013 | Tongji University, Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China

2012 | School of Architecture, University of Sheffield, UK

2011 | Instituto Europeo di Design, Madrid, Spain


2018 | The Dark Art, Visual Information & The Choreographed Experience – PLDC, Singapore

2016 | The Choreographed Experience – Enlighten Europe, Prague Czech Republic

2016 | Lighting Design Series 03 – Daylight, AIA credited course, Shanghai, China

2015 | Lighting Design Series 02 – Darkness, AIA credited course, Shanghai, China

2015 | Lighting Design Series 01 – Light, AIA credited course, Shanghai, China

2015 | Lighting Design Series 01 – Light, International Light Fair, Hong Kong

2013 | The Dark Art, PLDC, Copenhagen, Denmark

2013 | Lighting and Shadow, GIGA & American Institute of Architects, Shanghai, China

2013 | A Human Approach to Sustainability, Lighting Symposium, Guangzhou, China

2013 | Sustainability or Sustainable Development, Light Focus, Berlin, Germany

2013 | Sustainable Development and Master Planning, Hangzhou, China

2012 | The Dark Art, PLDA, London, UK

2012 | Light Pollution & Sustainability – Greendrinks, Anji, China

2012 | Lighting with Meaning – Emotional Light Series, Luce & Design Mag., Shanghai, China

2011 | The Dark Art, The CUBE, Manchester, UK

2011 | The Dark Art poster presentation, PLDC, Madrid, Spain

2010 | The Dark Art, Euroluce, Milan, Italy


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